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Your time or your money

Uncategorized Aug 29, 2021

Our relationship with time and money is quite frequently running (or ruining) our lives.  Think of your daily interactions, your coding and treatment, navigating student debt, paying for your kid's soccer team fees,  applying for a job/staying with one....

They ALL demonstrate what we value MORE in a given moment.  Time or money.  And there is NO right or wrong choice here, but the awareness I want to create is that we need to stop believing that we need an abundance of both to be content in our world, in our relationships, in to find joy and fulfillment.

Let's look at a few common examples:

  • Grad school
  • First job
  • Vacation with family
  • Growing your skills
  • Developing a new service for your community
  • A memorable dinner with your partner
  • Starting a podcast or blog
  • Becoming the expert in your community
  • Higher paying job
  • Advancement in your career

Notice with every situation there is an exchange of time and money.  With each example, they TAKE one if not BOTH time and money. 

Yet we resist the nature of the relationship.  We must give to receive.

Giving either of your time or your money is your choice, and only yours.  What you value in each situation dictates what you choose.  And none of these examples happen without you having values that determine HOW you want to make them happen.

Fulfillment in your career comes from settling in to understanding of the relationship.  You must continue to give.  In order to create.


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