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Now Matters

live think Jan 03, 2022

The time of year is upon us where we reflect on the last 12 months, set intentions for the upcoming year and create a vision for the future ahead.  

Let me disrupt things a bit and nudge you into looking at your relationship with time.

As therapists we have a nearly constant struggle with time.... trading time for money, our services are defined in 15 minute increments, time defines the capacity of our schedules, documentation and it's inefficiencies, finding enough time to provide client focused care, days in A/R, taking time off for mentorship/continuing education, the amount of time to develop expert clinical skills, authorizations limiting treatment plans, etc.

What is it that you notice in how therapists relate to time?

  1. Limited control or influence
  2. Creates therapist reactivity
  3. No end in sight!

What's the solution?  

Take action now.

Whether it be with making a decision, saying yes to or creating an opportunity, networking and finding a collaboration for a new project, you have to take action and stop living a life of default.

My biggest win is that I have created the gift of time in my life.  Yes, you heard me right.  Not doubling my income, but rather creating a margin of time.  That margin has led to an abundance of creativity, meaningful time with family and friends, accelerated development, freedom to travel and adventure, collaborating with influencers and change in my perspective about the trajectory of my future.

Time is an invaluable asset that exponentially accelerates every other resource.

Let me frame things differently.

What if your schedule was wide open?

What would it reflect about your life?  For me, discretionary time demonstrates extraordinary wealth, the non-monetary version.

Yet time is finite.  So choose not to waste it and start creating your life of abundance today!



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