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You need to know this number

live think Nov 06, 2022

I recently completed a 5 day financial freedom event and I was surprised that a program dedicated to educating people on how investing truly works framed their messaging so heavily on the value of time (no, not on compounding interest).

That fact exponentially leveled up my buy in.

One of their foundational practices was to calculate how much time you own.  

Let me frame that for you....it's equal to how many months you could maintain your current lifestyle if you were to retire/resign/lose your job. 

You NEED to calculate your number!  Here's a simplified version of the equation:

Value of your savings & retirement assets / monthly take home pay

Example:  $150,000 / 6,250 = 24 months

In this example, it means that you own 24 months of your time.  Say you're like me and have worked for 20 years.  The message here is that you've worked 20 years to have control of 2!  Yes, it may seem obvious, but the brilliance is in emphasizing what you have created in terms of time, NOT how much you have saved up (which not even the financial professionals can say is enough).

Were you SHOCKED by the number?  I definitely was.  Especially when I went back to my pre-entrepreneurship situation of squeezing every dollar I could out of a paycheck to try and save or invest so one day I could exhale and have the choice to retire.  And let's be clear, retirement is simply owning our time!  

2 Truths:

  1. We all seek greater freedom or abundance of time, now.
  2. Real wealth isn't about money, it's about time.  Thus, truth #1!

20 years of practice, four W2 jobs, and current owner of 2 businesses, time has proven a greater asset than money.  And the shifts in employment relations occurring within our profession suggest the same.  Over the last 6 years I have gone from owning 13 months of my time, to nearly 7 years!  My goal of creating my own business was people-centric, and I live that beautiful experience every day.  I can see a result of those efforts has been creating an abundance of time to create, to collaborate, to contribute, to impact, to adventure and to simply be.

Imagine an abundance of time, where you don't have to trade your time for money, what is it that you would experience?  For most people, it's simply living their fullest life.

If the number of months you control SHOCKS you and you're looking to take control of your time and your future, let's have a powerful conversation.  

Live.  Feel.  Think.  DIFFERENTLY!


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