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Live | Feel | Think. DIFFERENTLY!

Kim Rondina, PT, DPT

  • Experienced mentor. Dynamic coach.  Compassionate facilitator.
  • My gift is inspiring others to discover and live their best lives.
  • Empower therapy professionals to create lasting joy and abundance in life.
  • Utilize unique skills of curiosity and inquiry to guide others to see beyond current perceptions.
  • Create transformative moments of insight.
  • 20 years of service as Integrative Physical Therapist. 
  • Owner of 2 businesses.
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Take Control of Your Journey

I am a positive disruptor that is here to break therapists free from the outdated beliefs and systems that are keeping them from living fully.

I share that message through coaching, facilitating a mastermind community, writing and speaking. 

Discover the clarity and courage to create and live a life of freedom.  Despite beliefs, it is absolutely possible!

Like you, I have been frustrated by the challenges we face as professionals.  During 20 years of experience, I've explored our purpose and created the autonomy that truly brings balance and joy into our lives.  Yes, we are 'helpers' but we take control of our future by creating it.

Transformation in the areas of margin, finances, autonomy, freedom, mastery, redefining professional roles, contribution, personal well-being, consciousness and overall fulfillment.

Dedicated to individuals seeking something more as a therapist.

My intention is simple....PUT PEOPLE FIRST and support their journey to finding and living their fullest self, professionally and personally.


"Transformation isn't about improving. It's about re-thinking."

Malcolm Gladwell

What to Expect!

Discover Clarity & Live Your Genius

Build Confidence and Presence

Shift Perceptions for Healthy Change

Re-write your Future Story

Valuable Insights to Transform Your Future

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Learn to Truly Honor Yourself

Contribute and Build a Better Life Experience

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"Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire. "

Napoleon Hill

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