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Why we need to be doing less. And seeing more!

live think Mar 28, 2021

In our professional environments multiple factors continue to strengthen our DOING and weaken our SEEING.  

Let me clarify...

Seeing is the capacity beyond active engagement of how.  It includes an observer type element in which you can 'understand' through an inner sense of knowing.  Not didactically, but rather from within.

Doing is simply the execution of our collective knowledge, skill set, and experience.

Doing can fall into 2 buckets:

  • Known
  • Unknown 

The known is our default.  It's where we live with our choices and actions because the familiarity creates a pattern for which we decide and then take action.

With unknown doing, it demands that we become resourceful in which to overcome the fears that would create hesitation or hold us back.  New challenges or opportunities require an element of embracing the unknown.

Why this matters....  it dictates who you are becoming!  In living your potential and authentic self.

In DOING, you are living a pattern of repetition.  Yes, even with new opportunities you are simply doing.

In SEEING, you are mastering the ability to create.  Over and over again you are designing and creating how to want to work, to relate, to feel, to live.

When we are constantly busy, we don't/can't create space for a greater sense of being or who we are.  We are in reaction mode or even possibly resisting.  We don't have time.  Or some other limiting belief is more convenient than the effort of creating.  At least that is what we perceive.

In slowing down and creating space, we can fully see and feel our expereinces.  And we can engage more skillfully and mindfully.  We are nurturing our selves.  And with that build a greater future life in each moment.



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