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Why we get stuck...

feel live Jul 25, 2021

Why we get stuck.  The answer, perception.  That is, how we interpret and understand a given situation, person, or object.  In other words, in the world that we live in, what we put our focus on and what internal meaning we give to it.

Our stuckness comes when we lose our ability to open ourselves wide to possibilities.  

The lack of opening ourselves has many reinforcements along our professional journey.  Our thinking brains are put front and center with every test, every challenge, every new client as well as being strengthened through the myriad of post graduate training/continuing education, managing business operations, overcoming obstacles with the reimbursement models and more.

Our minds are creating our perception of our jobs, of people (colleagues, bosses, clients, referral sources, the competition), our skills and competencies (hello imposter syndrome), the direction of our future, all of it.  You can even see our professional perception of ourselves when Vision 2020 was created.

I thrived in the mind game.  Yet it also created great pain in my career. 

My mind perceived success in such ways that 'never enough' felt like the normal way of life.  But how could I give, create, or show up MORE and MORE over time?  It became exhausting and quite overwhelming to even just think about.  In the thinking game I couldn't see outside of the endless stories and constructs of life as a PT.  I was in a fixed state of mind. 

I could no longer live this reality.  But where did a real solution exist?

Simple.  Getting OUT of the the THINKING game!

If the solution to feeling stuck was getting outside of the thinking game, how could I make that happen when I was a star athlete in it?

By asking, where in my professional life was I most open and curious about possibilities?

For each of us this answer is unique.  But immensely powerful.  You likely know my story by now, but to summarize it, I recognized the ideology of a hypothetical-deductive-reasoning foundation was keeping me stuck in the thinking game.  As well as my affinity for KPI's in search for betters ways to practice.  

All of us knows the challenge of finding answers for every client.  For every situation.  Yes, we live that expectation.  Thinking that we have to have or find the answers is a heavy burden.  For me, letting go of both of these internal messages of thinking and fixing as an identity was the beginning of a beautiful life.

Could you instead imagine living each day with your mind open, aware and neutral?  Without any urgency to succeed?

This is the result of getting out of the thinking game in order to change our perception and reality of how we live, show up and serve others.  This is NOT complacency, but rather engaging the capacity of your skills to live life more powerfully.

Live.  Feel.  Think.  DIFFERENTLY!


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