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live think Jun 28, 2021

What dictates how you show up?

During conversations with therapists who are seeking something else or something more I pose this question.  Through a reflection process, many start to see the foundation of their struggles and/or dissatisfaction as their responses demonstrate the level of control that one or more of these has over their day to day:




Our lives are full of constructs about what we should be doing.  There are numerous books written about productivity, time management, how to organize our lists, and understanding others.  Although they may be guiding us to greater capacities or 'work life balance', they ALL are pulling us away from ourselves.

Here's how we know.  Have you ever made a decision at work, had a conversation with a client, felt the responsibility of a title, or engaged in behaviors around family where you immediately noticed a sense of being unsettled?

We've all been there.

As we experience that feeling of being out of alignment we can sense our inner being and intentions.  As we relate to those internal messages, we either gradually or with absolute courage make shifts in our actions that express our inner self and how we want to live the wholeness of ourselves.

In doing this we are letting go of the fear around disappointment.  Either in the world not meeting our expectations, or in ourselves not meeting the expectations of others. 

Living fully is the expression of one's truest self.  

So show up each day being yourself.


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