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When uncertainty lingers...

live think May 16, 2021

The last 12 months have undoubtedly created uncertainty for every one of us in some aspect of our lives.  During challenging times, it is quite common to take shelter in what is familiar.  We believe this serves us to provide stability and a sense of control, but in truth it can't possibly do so.

Familiar is a result of the past and the experiences we have lived.  But in any moment of uncertainty, we are all looking for change and freedom. 

Change and freedom come from creation.  NOT from holding tightly to what what has protected us in the past.

Why this matters...

The solution to uncertainty is not certainty.  It's creativity!

Whether it be as clinician or as a member of a leadership team, you face situations routinely where there is some level of doubt or lack of clarity, and so the question is, do you strive to be comfortable OR to be transformative?

Let's look at a situation each of us has faced.  When you find yourself sitting across from a patient that has a unique diagnosis that you have never heard of and don't even know the pathophysiology, do you perform the familiar evaluation and treatment strategies that create comfort for you?  Or do you step into the discomfort of creating a different flow of gathering relevant information that allows you to develop a unique treatment approach that provides a meaningful impact for your patient?

In my own experience, when I'm uncomfortable my inner voice and the identity I've lived as a physical therapist is that I have to have all of the answers for people.  That only further strengthens my need for comfort and certainty.

Yet my competitive nature as an athlete doesn't like to lose.  So if I haven't guided a client to greater health and well being, I cannot allow my comfort to be relevant.  

But what if I don't have the answers?  Over the years my creativity has blossomed from collaboration, brain-storming, co-treating, and calls with mentors.  Not simply to learn the answer, but more importantly to:

  • See what I can't see
  • Shift the perspective I hold about the problem/issue
  • Switch the identity I hold (fixer/problem solver)
  • Expand my role in serving the client's needs

These powerful interactions have guided me to be able to navigate challenge and uncertainty with greater ease and confidence.  And have allowed me to recognize that control, certainty and comfort are about my needs.  Whereas stepping into creativity is an expression of my commitment to serve others to allow them to experience comfort during a time of uncertainty in their health journey.

So when uncertainty lingers, remember creativity awaits!


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