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We need to break the cycle

live think Jul 19, 2021

A cycle of compliance is running our lives, and ruining it along the way.

And I'm NOT talking about insurance requirements or regulations by the variety of agencies that seemingly have their hand in the practice of physical therapy. 

I'm talking about compliance in terms of your engagement in life.

I never saw my life or career in terms of compliance, but it is quite clear that every action that you make that is reactive or NOT driven by your internal compass, then you are following the guidelines and expectations of others and therefore living a life of compliance.

Expectations of others in how:

  • To run a business
  • To clinically practice
  • You develop your career path
  • To relate to associated partners (referral sources, insurance companies, peers, 'the competition', other healthcare professionals)
  • To 'balance' work and life

I'm not much of a rule follower, nor a rebel and a rule breaker.  Yet I can sense when the behavior and actions that I am engaging in simply don't line up with that inner voice.  This might explain:

  • Having 3 jobs in my first 4 years out of grad school
  • Saying 'no thank you' after being offered a director position I never applied to
  • Having an eclectic set of skills and knowing that health demands such
  • Leaving a successful mentoring position after 10 years to start my own practice
  • My tendency to have a state of being that is positively disruptive, yet listen with the intent to learn
  • No longer hesitating to say no and risk disappointing clients, referral sources, colleagues

From an early age and as the youngest child, I lived within the norm of 'societal rules' yet always gravitated toward the edges of the norm throughout my education.  During my early years of practice I looked around and quickly recognized I didn't like the feel of the environments I was working in.  The familiar unsettled feeling presented as I took more and more continuing education that felt a growing and persistent discomfort.  Clinically I was quite successful, yet I was always challenging how we did our work. I had been referred to as a 'devil's advocate' while a member of a high functioning administrative team because I had grown confident in my voice that advocated for our therapists, our clients, and our community as I saw differently that the majority.

So here is my message for you today...

The origins of how we live, think and feel are inside of ourselves.

When you act from within yourself, you feel peace.  Explore and play with your behaviors and how to choose to engage.  Observe if they are genuinely and consistently self-directed.  Make note of when they are externally influenced and how you my sense tension, resistance or even less engagement.  




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