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Masterminds, who needs them?

feel live think Sep 28, 2020

I find it necessary to start this discussion addressing that most therapists either:

  1.   Have no idea what a mastermind is
  2.   Don't know the value in a dedicated community

The truth is there is no better environment and value for the mentorship, growth and development that all therapists seek!

How can I make such a bold statement?

Entering my second year as a participant in a mastermind, I've reflected on the results over the last 12 months.  I have accelerated my development in all areas of my business, as well as how I think, take action and live the life of my dreams.  The mastermind structure and the 12 members that meet on a weekly basis have positively impacted my life more than anything else in my 20 year career.  

Now lets give some background.  I seek out high performers and the best mentors and take between 6 and 10 courses a year pursuing the highest level skills in which to master my skills.  I am blessed to have been formally trained by brilliant therapists and thought leaders.  And many times have wondered how to gain greater access to this opportunity.

What was it that I was seeking?

  • Dedicated time and environment
  • Interaction with high performers
  • Transformative skills

In my experience, that is also the ideal for most other therapy professionals.  

But why a mastermind instead of other options?  I joined a mastermind for 3 reasons.  Community, curiosity and to challenge my comfort zone.  I had a 3 year vision of the results the mastermind would help me produce, and after only 1 year I have accomplished my vision!

My peers have shifted my perspective in such ways that my vision has evolved as they have helped me see the gifts within myself, as well as how to create and how I show up in the world.  The members of the mastermind are more than peers, they are my friends.  Friends that I can call anytime with a question, an issue to process or just to talk life.

Growth and insight are attained not just being on the 'hot seat', but also every week speaking into the lives of others as well as listening and observing the perspective, experiences and skills of genuinely kind and giving individuals.  They challenge how you think and what you believe.  They encourage you to see action and decision is where life happens.

This is true growth.

As always, think differently.  Live differently.


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