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feel live think Nov 01, 2020


Have past efforts to make lasting change fallen short?  Are you ready for a new narrative?

Shortfalls can be traced to one major oversight......

You haven't committed yourself to living by the truth that your thoughts have consequences so great that they create your reality.

Yes, we're discussing the power of thoughts.  

I could write endlessly for hours on how thoughts have impacted the quality of my life experience.  For those of you familiar with the Enneagram types, I'm Type 5, The Investigator.  Anything else need to be said?  But I want you to hear an important message and not my reflections, and that message is:

Thoughts about the past hold us in habitual patterns.  And those patterns limit your future success, joy, fulfillment and opportunities.

In order to create a new narrative, we need to focus on the FUTURE. 

No, this isn't simply creating a vision board or goals.  It is fully experiencing life.

Yes, live every aspect of whatever your plan is.  Whatever your passion project is.  Whatever your 3-year goal is. 


Many times we see or hear stories of extraordinary people and their success in business and life.  We label those individuals as visionaries, thought leaders.  Yet in truth the only difference for them is they are making it happen....

Thinking their future.

Feeling their future.

Living their future.

All in the present moment, where meaningful and powerful change happens.

What about the recent focus on habits (The Power of, Atomic, of Highly Effective People, Tiny, etc.)?  For those of you that have read one or all of these amazing resources, I believe you would agree that the strategies they teach all share the common threads of think, feel, live.  Change is directed at your identity, processes and outcomes.  Habits are the path to change who you are, and what you do.  And repetition is necessary to rewire your thoughts as well as your physiology.  If you are someone who loves systems and structure absolutely dive head first into any of those books for the 'how to'.  

Here's a question.... what percent of your time is spent thinking, feeling, living?

Previously my distribution was 50/15/35.  This distribution is likely familiar to most of you.... as highly educated professionals in which our paradigm of work is KNOWING and DOING.  You can imagine at some point we FEEL an internal struggle.

That struggle forced my shift to 35/30/35 and through that way of being, my daily life is full of meaning, impact, abundance, margin, prosperity and joy.  And more importantly I see how I was at the foundation of my prior frustration and burnout.  So that also meant I had the power to influence the future and the shift began.

Other ways imbalance can play out in our lives?  Let's add some context to the world of therapy professionals.  

  • Inspiration - without being an action taker, those that would inspire us instead appear as competition or those that we don't measure up to.  And judgement or imposter syndrome are present within us.
  • Living in the short term - the day to day can feel heavy and you feel stuck month after month.  Lack of motivation become a common theme.
  • 'Busyness' - the never ending to do list that is familiar and repetitive many times can lead to procrastination and further load.  Yes, exhaustion and burnout happen.
  • Intuition - if you live in a thinkers world, you condition your intuition because you limit the experience of feeling and engaging wholeheartedly.  Self doubt grows.
  • Adaptability - the pandemic forced us to see that action is where life happens.  Were you ready?  Or holding tight to what was familiar, stable or low risk.

Are you open to a new narrative?  I'm challenging you, but know I'm empathetic because I too had to let go of the stories that resulted from longstanding beliefs

When we learn how to sharpen our observation skills to intentionally affect our destiny, we are well on our way toward living the ideal version of our life.  With willful attention, sincere application of knowledge, and repeated daily actions we are able to create the desired life experience.


Think.  Feel.  Live.  Differently.

I'm in, are you?


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