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Limiting Beliefs are the Enemy to Your Future Success

feel live think Jul 19, 2020

Every day I hear the beliefs that are holding therapists back.  And my greatest value to others has always been to provide the nudge, the insight to see where a shift in perspective can bring you the joy, prosperity and fulfillment that your dreams reveal.

The challenge, is that we are terrified to let go.  To let go of the stability and 'comfort' that we have existed within.  All while tolerating the gradual loss of ourselves and who we truly are.

There are 4 areas where our perspectives are holding us back in how we see our present, and future.

  1. Training
  2. Self
  3. Money
  4. Others

There are endless examples that fall into each category, but I want to share a few of the ones I feel most critical to one's fulfillment in their work.

Belief 1:  We will never be enough clinically and therefore pursue every credential, every paradigm of treatment, and have the alphabet after our names to somehow establish ourselves as credible experts of movement and function. 

 Question:  What is your intention?

Those who I consider to be true experts demonstrate the humility of excellence in combination with a servant and compassionate approach.  There intention is to give of themselves at the highest level in the present moment.  And their collective skills are only as good as their focus on the client in front of them.  That is their genius.

Belief 2:  That the healthcare system limits my capacity to be __________.  The blank isn't the focus here, but rather the external direction of finger pointing.  

Question:  Are you a rule follower?   Are you an action taker?

We know the system is broken.  So why do you continue to expect it to be a partner in your dreams?  Yes, it is that black and white.

Belief 3:  I can never get ahead financially.

Question:  Where do you place responsibility?

Again, the system is broken.  And working harder, or longer isn't the solution.  This belief has a few nuances to each individual, but the hard truth is that your financial future is in your hands.  Your choices and decisions are where the solutions exist.  An abundance of opportunity is all around you if you step back and look at the landscape.

Belief 4:  Others don't value my skills or know my full capacity.

Question:  Do you consider yourself a high performer?

Research demonstrates that self-confidence is an attribute of those who are successful.  They live their truest self and express their talents are skills regardless of who is paying attention.  Validation is in their results.  Period.  


Beliefs have the beautiful power to create.  To share with us experiences we never thought possible.  The next time you sense that feeling of hesitancy, embrace a new belief and see where it can take you.


Live.  Feel.  Think.  DIFFERENTLY. 






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