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Lessons Learned Over 20 Years!

live think Jun 14, 2021

This year has been one of memorable anniversaries.  Celebrating my 20th year as a physical therapist and 5th year a practice owner.  As well as an upcoming birthday on the tail end of a truly breathtaking trip to Yosemite National Park as well as Kings Canyon and Sequoia.  These moments have created space for reflection of the lessons that have occurred across the years that have shaped my journey and how I live as a professional today.

Here are a few of my favorite lessons:

Curiousity breeds opportunity.

Want a barometer for your capacity professionally?  You can only create beyond what is within your current knowledge, skills and resources when you live in a space of openness.  And not just more of the same, but stretching your comfort zone and challenging your beliefs whereas you become something more.

Your intention is your truth.

Intention expands beyond your 'why' or your needs.  Whether your intention be service, joy, growth, or contribution your intention bleeds through to every conversation, every action, every decision and impacts each realm of your life.

It's all about connecting.

Let's keep this simple.  People first!  ALWAYS.  Fulfillment comes from the experiences we live, share and celebrate.  Profits, systems, credentials, KPIs can never create the community and connection that all humans seek.

Believe in yourself.

Deeply.  Without ego.  That's where beautiful things reside.

Create your magic.

No one else can create what your genius, your passion, your experiences, your resilience, your intention can build.  So yes, it's your magic.  LIVE IT!



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