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It's Time for You

live Dec 27, 2020

The time of year where new beginnings are sought after is upon us through means of resolutions, goals, vision boards and ambitions.  One simple recommendation...

Tend to your internal environment.

From within is where opportunity exists.  Where success resides.  Where fulfillment blossoms.  Let's not confuse this emphasis of 'inside' for acts of selfishness or greed, as this recommendation is creating quite the opposite.

Through understanding our selves, our beliefs, our habits, our thoughts, our emotions, our patterns, our perspectives, the experiences of each day becomes something different.

Note the switch from thinking of what the future holds to knowing one's self. 

This knowing may begin with our thinking minds through stillness, reflection, meditation, journaling or other means.  Tending here toward your internal environment is where you can see the story of your life.  The underlying fabric of your why, your meaning, your purpose through the various seasons of your life.

Now for what author and Zen monk Marc Lesser, MBA shares with the title of his book Know Yourself, Forget Yourself.  

This is a critical piece.  Letting go of your past self.

First the awareness, then the letting go of our prior self is where opportunity for growth and creating a new future is held.  

By defining a vision or resolution you demand a new path forward, and a new version of yourself. 

In transforming our past story and writing a new version of our future selves.  This is where those new beginnings actually blossom.

So we're clear on knowing yourself, and letting go of your past self.

One other element related to tending to your internal environment, you will become intrinsically enriched.  The external 'noise' around use will have little control over our lives and any reactive nature will be a habit of the past.

You have witnessed that within our profession and our lives there is always noise and external influences.  Tending to your internal environment will create a future that you define.

Live.  Feel.  Think.  DIFFERENTLY.


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