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Inner Growth for Outward Impact

live Jan 17, 2021

With an abundance of opportunities to create change within the areas of social equality, our ecosystem and climate change, the model of healthcare, the quote from Rumi, the Persian and Sufi poet is exactly the direction we need.

If you are at all connected to the world of influencers and podcasters the concept Rumi speaks of is familiar to their messages today.  I am excited to see/hear the number of thought leaders encouraging their tribes to do the internal work necessary to become something more.  And create an elevated experience by which ones impact and influence expands beyond one self.

Here's what I know about therapists.... for many, they're curious.  But a large majority don't take the action necessary to become something more.

Whether it be the tendency for our thinking selves to see prosperity coming from technical skill and application, the challenge and dedication to earn their professional degree, the fear of digging deep and unearthing the vulnerable aspects of our inner selves, the lack of a trusted mentor to navigate those very depths or to guide us in taking the next step professionally, the busyness of our lives not allowing the time to consistently be present, or the dozens of other why nots.  The courage to grow within is exactly what you need to live differently.

For my journey in seeking something more, I was seeking fulfillment, inner peace, autonomy, margin and joy.  Yet I was expecting the acquisition of clinical knowledge and skills to enable me to have a greater impact for my patients or making my way up the ladder of professional opportunities and influence to bring me those elevated experiences.

The issue... the daily environment I was living in just couldn't make it happen.  No matter how skilled I became.  No matter how dedicated I was.  No matter how passionate I was in serving patients and in developing and mentoring therapists.

My instinct was to try and fix the external environment.  That resulted in absolute exhaustion, frustration, burnout and finally an honest review of what my future held.  I was near rock bottom internally, yet was 'successful' within the context of our professional standards.

The years leading up to this period was a time in which I was working through the loss of my father and his influence in my life.  His passing uprooted many of my beliefs, my values and who I believed myself to be.  I had worked through the mud and discovered the value of letting go in order to see the reality of my life, which cultivated an internal sense of being and purpose with clarity and peace.

This was inner growth for outer impact.

From this place of transformation within I chose to live differently.

More gently.  More abundantly.  More clearly.

Live.  Feel.  Think.  DIFFERENTLY.


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