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I need a new life

live think Aug 02, 2021

These were the word I heard from a coaching client last week and as shocked as I was in the moment, she was courageous in expressly them so boldly.

That type of statement is where change begins.

The next step is where clarity is the driver for action and momentum to become the roots for our growth journey.  So where does clarity begin?  Simple, ask yourself what is the single most important need you have.  Yes, just one singular focus.

It can be time, margin, money, activities that light you up, living in alignment, autonomy, a greater sense of purpose or impact, etc.

There is no perfect answer, but your singular need has to resonate with you at such a level that you will no longer tolerate life as it currently is, just like my coaching client.  Thus the power to take action and create arises.

Start with the question:

What do I truly need in life?

Is that need sufficient for you to let go of your current way of live?  If not, go back and ask the first question again!  

If you find yourself cycling through changes, it's likely due to running away from pain, being emotionally reactive, chasing some form of external fulfilment, or many other forms of trying to skip ahead.  Do the work.  And you will have the life that lights you up!

Going beyond the discovery/awareness takes courage, but becoming the master of our own lives demands going deep within and asking your inner self what will create lasting joy and fulfillment in this life you live.  You can't skip ahead.  The inner reflection is where the highest form of clarity resides.

From this clarity you gain extreme insight.  And this inner wisdom creates not only from action, but from an environment that this clarity brings to your daily awareness and energy for life.  This inner environment fuels you in ways beyond what your mind can think and creates lasting value in you new life!


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