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Hell Yes or Hell No!

feel live think Mar 21, 2021

Hell yes, or hell no. 

Anything in the middle is messy.

We all have times where we are over-committed, feeling scattered or lacking clarity.  We are also likely navigating some aspect of our external circumstances.  We struggle to figure out what is the best decision, the best opportunity.  And the right time.

So how do we avoid the mess?

A 3-step process to a Hell Yes:

  1.  Knowing what we want 
  2.  Knowing the action(s) required
  3.  Having the courage or confidence to commit

Sounds easy, but we can struggle when our inner dialogue creates uncertainty.  That inner dialogue is merely a reflection of our state, not our ability!  Nor the future outcome.

Situations where we have 'known' our HELL YES/NO have been times where we are aligned in both what we think and how we are feeling.  There is clarity, confidence/courage, and commitment.

We need to distinguish courage and confidence... a subtle difference but necessary to define.

Confidence comes from doing.

Courage is taking action in the absence of experience.

My personal journey in 20 years of practice has evolved in being a team player (aka people pleaser), dedicated lifelong learner with a history as a competitive athlete so I was driven to perform at high levels.  Yet somehow I knew the value of a HELL NO even when I was offered what our profession has defined as excellence.

HELL NO's prevented me from following a path that would have stifled who I was and the purpose I had as a physical therapist.

HELL YES, again when I was fully in alignment, has provided me the most fulfilling way of life that the prior 15 years of practice never did.  

One HELL YES included financially committing $10k+/year to an educational journey NOT defined by CEU's and credentials, but rather the impact on the health and well being of clients.  I knew there were holes in what a traditional model of care could provide.  In re-defining education and practice on my own terms, the plan was outlined and I figured out a way to make it happen.  I re-financed my house, traded in my car for a less expensive one, got rid of extra expenses that were conveniences or nice to have's but gave no real value to my life.  I squeezed every penny out of my budget becasue I was fully committed to changing lives in a more meaningful way.  And my experience as a physical therapist.

It took me 10+ years to figure out what I truly wanted, how I could make it happen and to have both the courage and confidence to live it.

That experience with HECK YES and the 3 step process also has built the momentum to do it again, and again, and again.  With this, you create your future.  So as always...

Live.  Feel.  Think.  DIFFERENTLY.



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