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Finding clarity, it's not what you think.

feel live Nov 15, 2020

The path emerges as you walk it.

The world of 'know your why', 'live your purpose', and vision boards has created an unprecedented opportunity for each of us to connect to a meaningful future.

YET, I frequently have conversations with therapists driven by a lack of clarity.  And the real struggle in finding it.

I love Marie Forleo's mantra:     Clarity comes from engagement, not thinking.

In a world of busyness, room for doing more feels impossible, so we attempt to KNOW before we jump in.  We are a thinking profession and the emphasis of 'know your why' reinforces KNOWING and combined with a tight margin of time in our lives and a tendency toward risk aversion, it becomes quite clear why so many are stuck.

At some point each of us faces a decision of what's our next move that impacts our future.  This can be in the form of navigating a business challenge, leveling up in your role, initiating a new program for your community, expanding your footprint, or deciding to embark on a fellowship or certification.

We as individuals are full of beliefs, motivations, experiences, needs, values, and interests whereas it can be quite challenging to determine what to focus on.  

It would be way to simple and cliché to encourage you to JUST DO IT, but it is absolutely necessary for you to move towards what you want. 

For me starting a clinical practice where I could focus on the client's needs was something I thought a lot about, and in truth likely held myself back from more than a dozen times.  My mind had convinced me that it was a terrible idea with all the what if's, the why I shouldn't, the worst case scenarios, the self doubt, the validating of naysayers.

What was my breakthrough?  I stopped relying on my mind, thoughts and analyses and started connecting with other passionate providers that were successful in creating what I was curious about, a patient-centric practice that was both niche and cash based.  And talk about an encouraging and uplifting part of my career!  So much so that I had absolutely no doubt to just do it.  

The knowing came from engaging.  The path emerges as you walk it.

Think.  Feel.  Live.  Differently.


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