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Experience life differently

feel live Aug 29, 2021

There is a theme of late, and one directed at our experience of life.

During both a coaching call as well as with an email with an entrepreneur and friend of mine, I found myself on the other end of a conversation with an amazing person who was working through understanding themselves.  And both are hugely successful women with talent, skills and influence beyond what most therapists experience.  So why did these conversations stick out to me?

They brought full circle 2 concepts that have created a significant shift in so many in my circle that are THRIVING as well as in my own life.

  • Slow down to speed up
  • We experience life through our nervous systems

Most people resist believing that slowing down actually will speed up their ability to access whatever they are looking for in life.  Especially in today’s world where busyness is simply a way of life or a badge of honor.  Take you pick of successful influencers, authors and podcasters who have all switched off from living the stresses of life, and chosen to slow down and live more fully with joy, with positive energy, and with margin and space for whatever's next.

As far as us experiencing life through our nervous systems, well just reflect back to 15 seconds ago when you read ‘slow down to speed up’.  Most of you likely had some sort of visceral response such as 'NO WAY that's possible'.  It's a perfect example of how hyper alert we have become leading to elevated states of being that create reactivity in our conversations, our actions, our choices.

When our nervous system is experiencing a bit of chaos, our life is as well.  No matter how much we want otherwise.  For those of you who work clinically with clients, we see this every day.  There's a need to change the story.

The solution…. SLOWING DOWN!

For some this is finding clarity, for others it’s saying no in order to create space.  Sure, a meditation cushion is a version of slowing down, yet if you’re mind and body can’t settle into simply being present, you must take a different path to slowing down.  Breath work, journaling/other hobbies, or even having coffee with a friend you haven't seen in awhile are a few of the innumerable options.

The next time you feel caught in the space of MORE, resist the urge to do more.  And instead, intentionally slow down.  Stop the pattern of reaction that your nervous system has been wired to do and instead create a new process that reflects how you want to experience life.

With consistency, you will be amazed at how life starts to work for you.  Greater alignment, be able to live authentically, feeling nurtured in your day to day, less reactivity to external noise and demands, seeing things as they are.  You will find abundant power to create life in a fulfilling way by simply slowing down.


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