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Career advice, simplified

live think Oct 18, 2021

We have all seen a version of the Purpose Venn Diagram and connect with it, yet find ourselves living at a distance to its message because it demands that we know our purpose!

Well, that doesn't always come easy, but we all know our beliefs and what we want so let's simplify where you can find clarity what's next in your life:

  • Meaning - alignment, share your gifts/genuis, make an impact 
  • Margin - time or financial
  • Environment - dynamic of learning, connection, fun, feedback, recognition 

Yes, it may seem simple, but nearly every coaching conversation I have demonstrates that we don't truly know what we need (or it's being emotionally driven which leads to a false start) yet we make choices  every day that are being driven by emotions or false beliefs.

That a-ha moment is so beautiful when we work through all the chaos, noise, externally biased beliefs, emotions, and fear and finally get to that huge exhale and calm when you know you're centered and have the clarity in knowing your purpose, and seeing exactly how you can take control to create the life that lights you up where you can finally stop chasing!


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