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John Huang, PT, DPT, DJ
Professional Development Mentor; New Provider Igniter @ MovementX

Let me start by saying this - Kim has disruPTed my life in the BEST way possible. I actually first connected with Kim on LinkedIn as she had commented on a piece of content I created and I could tell she showed genuine interest in my work. This set the tone of our relationship - she wants to learn about YOU and see how she can best serve YOU. She makes it her utmost priority to serve the people she works with by challenging their thought processes and making them aware of their own value. This is a special, special skillset and why I love working with Kim so much.

Her mantra of "Think Differently" is so fitting and is a great way to view her coaching style. I recommend her to any and all professionals (healthcare or not) that want to gain clarity, create an optimal mindset and design a life that allows you to be the most authentic version of you. I currently am on an annual 1x/month 1-on-1 coaching program with Kim and it has impacted my career in an infinite amount of positive ways. Do yourself a favor and book a complimentary discover call with Kim today!

Jennifer Lee, PT, DPT, FAFS
Physical Therapist / Owner L2E Physical Therapy

When I first started working with Kim, I wasn't sure of my goals or intentions.  I knew I couldn't continue doing what I was doing forever, but I lacked vision and clarity in that vision.  Truth be told, even if I had the clarity and vision, I was blinded by fear of change.  

Working with Kim is an investment in yourself of the highest value, both personally and professionally.  As I've gotten to know Kim, I've seen that her life is a true testament of the fire and intention she holds as Wisdom PT Coach.  What better proof of success, vision and contentment is there than to see it coming to life in the person who is working with you?  

As with many things in life, you get out of it what you put into it.  Getting the most out of these times with her requires that I prepare for our time together, reflect on our time together and integrate her feedback into my daily life.  Do not enter into this expecting for a simple fix or answer.  Kim will push you, she will refine you, as is her gift.  If you lean into it, take the chance on yourself and trust in the work you're doing and the investment you're making, the sky's the limit.  

I am happy to say that I've transformed in the last couple years, in large part due to the work I've done with Kim.  I went from someone with passion but unclear vision, to a purposeful, powerful entrepreneur!  She has shown me strategies and given me tools to release my grip on fear, open up to the idea of change and embrace what I believe is my true gift and calling.  Everyone deserves this - give this gift to yourself. 

Meredith Castin, PT, DPT
Owner, The Non-Clinical PT

Kim is such an inspiring person. She has a unique ability to keep you aligned with your mission and your why, while motivating you to take actionable steps to get where you want to be. I have recommended many rehab professionals to work with her as a coach, and they have been equally impressed. I highly, highly recommend Kim Rondina as a coach and a mentor.

Tony Pazzaglia, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC
CEO, Terrapin Physical Therapy, Inc.

Being a part of the Inward to Elevate Mastermind group helped me to take a deep dive into not only my PT practice and more importantly, into myself.  Exploring my values, my energizers, and my vision with collaboration from this Mastermind team, helped me to become a leader that has guided our practice to see record revenues and nearly 20% profits year to date, after sharing profits!   Additionally, we are retaining, and helping our teammates grow and thrive.  If you are ready to take your practice to a higher level by becoming a better version of yourself, email Kim to begin your discovery process today!


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Rachel Keith, PT, DPT, ATC

I hit a wall…a big one and a hard one. I was extremely unhappy and unsatisfied with my professional and personal life and I was lost. I thought that by learning more, saying yes to everything and living in the mindset of, “I just gotta keep climbing the career ladder”, that one day I would reach this magical Nirvana.

With Kim’s coaching, I have learned how being curious helps me to define my values and my truth. I am more competent with knowing how to weave my strengths and unique personality into every part of my day while I work towards actually living the life I imagine for myself.  About a year ago, I found myself completely burned out and miserable inside. Today, I am content, excited, fulfilled and thankful. Kim challenges the notion of allowing my “inner knowing” to guide my choices that are either turning “my dial” towards or away from my truest self. Wow, powerful stuff when you learn how to use these tools!

The work is hard and you must be ready to be introspective and open to the crazy and wonderful changes you will make. If you are looking for a mindset shift, a different way of elevating yourself and an opportunity to live daily as your “truest self”, then I highly recommend Kim for your career, life and/or professional coaching needs.

Rebecca Patton, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist / Owner Patton Pelvic Health

I was referred to Kim by a friend as I was contemplating opening my own physical therapy practice.   I had a vision and a passion, but I did not know the first thing about creating a business and was overwhelmed and scared to make any mistake at all.  I was also afraid I would have to spend most of my time marketing on social media to be successful.  At first, I thought The Wisdom PT Coach was a bold name.  My thought was, “You really must have something special to use that name”.  Well Kim has it.  

I was searching for a coach that would help me find work/life balance.   What I found since working with Kim has been authentic and comfortable to my nature.   She validates my experiences and shows me how to turn my care for others into actionable steps that do not feel overwhelming.   Kim creates an environment that gets me away from a fear mindset and into a mindset of community and abundance.  She is able to put things in a new perspective that allows me to create space for the important things in my life.  Kim sees the layers to my humanity and helps me build in time for self-care and personal growth along with my business.  I have a new perspective as a business owner.  A perspective that feels more abundance, community, and support rather than competition and limited resources.  Nearly 2 years now of the pandemic, which lead to lack of community and lack of interconnectedness, it is relieving to see that when you follow your heart, there is community.  I am grateful to have Kim in my life to help me envision not only my business but the relationship to my community in this abundance mindset.   More important than measurable business goals, Kim has helped me find the strength and value in myself.  The significance of Kim’s experience spans far beyond the business world.   Only 3 months into opening my practice, I am inspired to see how this new community grows.   


Breann Fox, PT, DPT, PRPC
CEO / Clinician - Fox Mind & Body Wellness, PLLC

They say, “If you want to be the best at your dreams and desires, you hire a coach. Someone who is at the top in that specific skill set. Someone who can mentor you to be the best at what you do.” As a collegiate athlete I had a coach, I had a nutritionist, I had a mindset coach. As a DPT, PRPC and a private practice owner, this same rule applies.

Dr. Rondina has been an integral piece of my growth as a practitioner and as a business owner. Her wisdom in a multitude of arenas is unmatched. Her commitment to the growth of those around her is undeniably sound.

Betsy Michel, PT
Owner, Wilder Physical Therapy

I originally found Kim through the Live Differently coaching group and continued my work 1:1 with her for 6 months after. She helped me get clear on what exactly I wanted from my career and helped me see my potential as a PT and an entrepreneur. I've never invested in myself to complete coaching like this before, but I was feeling burnt out and uninspired by my career (4 years in...). I'm so glad I signed up for coaching with her. While the Live Differently Group was helpful, I was able to reach a whole different level with her personalized approach in the 1:1 calls. At times it felt like career therapy! Kim is an excellent listener and was somehow always able to get to the root of my concerns of the day and was always able to summarize my ramblings in a succinct, eloquent, and smart way. I always felt inspired, empowered after our sessions. Speaking with her made me see what's possible in my life and career and I am so grateful to her. When I started working with her I felt lost and unfulfilled while working for a more traditional outpatient clinic. Now am I excited about what's next and what's possible as I open my own clinic!

Alejandra Martinez Bhasin
Owner, Aura Physical Therapy

Kim Rondina leads her Mastermind and coaching groups with such grace and wisdom. She is insightful and provides a new perspective on both business and personal matters. Each session you walk away with just a little more knowledge and positivity. Would recommend her fully to anyone wanting to transform their business and personal lives.

Nolan Lubarski

Kim is the consummate leader who truly understands how to successfully be a mentor and help others achieve their professional development goals. She is a skilled active listener who synthesizes information quickly to create the most thorough plans to achieve personal and professional goals.

In addition to creatively establishing a plan, Kim also possesses a keen talent for ensuring that consistent progress is being made toward attainment and holds herself and others accountable to reaching full implementation.

I had the pleasure of working alongside Kim for multiple years and was fortunate to be able to learn from her wealth of experience and knowledge.

Andrew Walquist PT, DPT, FAFS, OCS
Clinic Director at Texas Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine

Kim certainly knows how to organize complex ideas and philosophies in the movement industry and develop a linear sequence to teach them effectively. She readily uses her wisdom to mentor others by asking great questions. I have been personally blessed by her mind and spirit and am thankful for her intelligence.

Ty Pehrson, MOTR/L, CHT
Director of Hand Therapy

I have known Kim Rondina for almost 9 years both on a professional level and as a personal friend. I have had many mentors and trainers but never have I had a mentor who took such interest in my own professional development and interests.

She is an extremely generous and a hard worker. She is dedicated to using her expertise to lift others around her. I cannot speak highly enough of Kim. I am privileged and proud to write this recommendation for her!

Derrick DeBenedetto
Clinic Director at Spooner Physical Therapy

Kim is an outstanding mentor who truly believes in and lives out compassion and teaching to everyone she encounters. Her knowledge and experience are evident in her ability to educate and adjust to different learning styles. She is very approachable and I have always felt empowered to inquire of her skills for any reason.

She led our company’s Practice Performance team at Spooner with enthusiasm and purpose which was an encouragement to me in my own professional practice. I highly recommend Kim for any position of training and development.

Scott Reed
Founder & CEO Scott Reed Consulting | Creator of NxLevel Lead Secrets

My relationship with Kim is new but the one thing that stands out, SHE CARES ABOUT HER CLIENTS.

She takes the time to listen and work with her clients to achieve the results desired.

Her attention to detail and knowledge of her profession set her apart from the rest.

Lauren Critchlow, PT, DPT, PRPC, WCS
Urogynecological Physical Therapist at HonorHealth

Kim has been a staple in my professional development as a physical therapist. Her diverse knowledge and commitment to mentorship and clinical excellence has impacted me over the past four years and has made me a better clinician.

I continue to learn from her, especially in the visceral therapy world and have utilized her in the clinic as a second opinion with patients. She is willing to take the time and energy to teach clinicians manual therapy techniques and to think critically through difficult cases.

I regularly refer complex cases to her, and view her as a leader in our profession and an insightful mentor.

Sara Gagliano, PT, DPT

I have known Kim professionally for almost 8 years, as both a colleague and ongoing in a mentor/mentee relationship. She has been and continues to be an invaluable part of my own professional development. Kim strives to challenge herself continually with ongoing professional development and learning and it is apparent in the excellent care she gives.

As a mentor, her wealth of knowledge ensures that every interaction we have elevates my knowledge and critical thinking skills. She is open and willing to different learning and teaching styles. She is a supporter of all clinicians and has an obvious desire for teaching and mentoring and and commitment to moving forward the profession of physical therapy.